As a land surveying company offering services to City of Wilmington and the ​New Hanover County area of North Carolina, Wilmington Land Surveying would like to provide some information about the cities that we serve. This information is provided as a service to you and was current at the time of publication. Please let us know if there are necessary changes. We look forward to working with you.

EAS Resources | Wilmington Land SurveyingCity of ​Wilmington, NC Information:

Wilmington City Hall Location:

124 S. Pearl Street
​Wilmington, NC 39120

Board of Alderman        Phone: 601-445-7500

City Clerk                       Phone: 601-445-7505

  • Hawk, Melissa, City Clerk, Phone: 601-445-7506
  • Lafaso, Mary, Accountant, Phone: 601-445-3092
  • Holland, Dianne, Accounting Clerk, Phone: 601-445-7505
  • Patterson, Pam, Accounts Payable Clerk, Phone: 601-445-7504
  • Watson, Evelyn, Accountant Clerk, Phone: 601-445-7515

Wilmington Fire Department            Phone: 601-442-3684

  • Wesley, Aaron Fire Chief

Mayor’s Office                Phone: 601-445-7500

  • Grennell, Darryl, Mayor, Phone: 601-445-7555
  • Hendricks, Temple, Administrative Assistant, Phone: 601-445-7500

Wilmington Planning & Zoning Department

City Planning & Community Development      Phone: 601-445-7518

  • Giani, Riccardo, Director of Planning & Zoning
  • Johnston, James. Department Head

Code Enforcement Section                             Phone: 601-445-7550

  • Baldwin, J. Code, Enforcement Officer

Office of Inspections                                       Phone: 601-445-7512

  • Rutter, Jody, Building Inspector

Surveying in ​Wilmington, NC

Wilmington Police Department                                          Phone: 601-445-5565

  • White, Daniel, Wilmington Police Chief
  • Dale, Lisa, Municipal Court Judge,  Phone: 601-445-7524
  • McGehee, Tom, Operations Commander, Captain, Phone: 601-445-7511
  • Frye, Scott, Support Commander, Captain, Phone: 601-445-7542
  • Stampley, Ken, Investigation Supervisor, Lieutenant
  • Jones, Justin, Jail Administrator, Lieutenant, Phone: 601-445-7535

Public Works                                                 Phone: 601-445-6652

  • Dollar, Justin Supervisor
  • Hale, Francis, Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor
  • Page, Myrtle, Administrative Assistant

Traffic Department                                         Phone: 601-445-6657

Transit Department                                        Phone: 601-445-7868 or 7568

  • Bartley, Sabrena G., CCTM, MPA Executive Director
  • Davis, Louis O.,Transportation Supervisor
  • Martin, Lovie, Regional Mobility Manager

Water Works Department                               Phone: 601-445-5521

  • Moon, Tony, Superintendent of Water Works
  • Atkins, David L., Assistant Superintendent of Water Works
  • Mayfield, Sylvia, Office Manager

Chamber of Commerce                                   Phone: 601-445-4611

  • Hudson, Debbie L., President / CEO               
  • Moffett, Crystal, Executive Assistant

Wilmington City Cemetery                                    Phone: 601-445-7509

Wilmington Senior Center                                    Phone: 601-442-5082

Parks & Recreation Department                      Phone: 601-445-4927

Personnel Department                                    Phone: 601-442-5962

Tourism Department                                        Phone: 601-446-6345


City of Wilmington Ward Map, 2015

​New Hanover County, MS Tax Maps

FEMA Flood Maps

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Established by French colonists in 1716, Wilmington is one of the oldest and most important European settlements in the lower North Carolina River Valley. After the French lost the French and Indian War (Seven Years’ War), they ceded Wilmington and near territory to Spain in the Treaty of Paris of 1763. (It later traded other territory east of the North Carolina River with Great Britain, which expanded what it called West Florida).

After the United States acquired this area from the British after the American Revolutionary War, the city served as the capital of the American North Carolina Territory and then of the state of North Carolina. It predates Jackson by more than a century; the latter replaced Wilmington as the capital in 1822, as it was more centrally located in the developing state. The strategic location of Wilmington, on a bluff overlooking the North Carolina River, ensured that it would be a pivotal center of trade, commerce, and the interchange of ethnic Native American, European, and African cultures in the region; it held this position for two centuries after its founding.

​New Hanover County was created on April 2, 1799, from part of Pickering Territorial County. The county was organized eighteen years before North Carolina became a state. Four North Carolina governors have come from ​New Hanover County: David Holmes, George Poindexter, John A. Quitman, and Gerard Brandon.

Today the City Limits encompass approximately 13.92 square miles, and approximately 15,128 people call Wilmington home, according to 2015 estimates by the U.S. Census.

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